Heritage Rose growing in my Garden.

"Won't you come into my garden? I would like my roses to meet you!"

Friday, July 30, 2010

My Passion Flowers

I love just about any flower on a vine!
I put up the trellis for the vine to grow on. I was trying to contain it as it is ill mannered and pushes the other plants out of the way.   I really wanted  something that would block off the side of my porch to make me feel more secluded.  But I didn't have a way to bring lattice home.
My Passion Vine comes up every year in even more places.  It is quite plucky!
But it flowers more on the "other" side.  Not the porch side.
Isn't it beautiful?  I am amazed every day when I see it growing in my garden.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Best of My Garden!

Heritage, another word for Perfection!!
The smell ..Heavenly.
In the middle of July!  In the heat of  South Louisiana!
What a sight for Rose loving eyes!  It is magnificent.  These are two Rose bushes here. 
 Next year there will be three!
I picked some Heritage Roses and put them in a vase.
It's a cute vase.  I am a vase nut.  Always looking for cute ones.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This Mornings Roses

This morning I collected some roses.  
Put them in a pretty vase. 
And admired them!
It's 8 am and my Rose morning is over, off to stitch.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vacancy in My Bird Cottage.

There must be a reason no birds have nested here. But I don't know what it is!  Perhaps they need a round doorway.

I think I might like to live here in this little Bird Cottage myself!
I could be quite happy.  If I were a bird.
Graham Thomas!!  
I just love this rose.   The soft yellow.  The lovely form.
Today, it's my favorite!
My little bird house has Graham Thomas just out the back door.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Still Pretty and Blooming!

Heritage - Always a Beauty.  
The smell is as lovely.

Lots of blooms on my tiny Friendship Rose.

New Dawn has been in bloom all summer.
This is the first year she has preformed so well.
Katy Road Pink aka Carefree Beauty.  I am loving this rose!

Despite the Summer heat (90's), my flowers are trudging along giving me pleasure each day.
What more can you ask?

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Clematis - The best I could do!

This is the best I could do!!

After all the gorgeous photos of Clematis on everyones blog I had to get one.  I was going to get two or three to climb up my little trellis tower thingy. But , boy are those things pricey!  So , I thought I would start with one.

The few flowers on mine are pretty (I feel a sense of loyalty here)  and the vine is so delicate that it looks no thicker than strong thread but it is still there.

Nothing like all the show stoppers I saw on your blogs!!
But, it is just a baby.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pretty Flowers In Pots and Cute Garden Stuff!

Pots on my Front Porch.

Pots on my back Patio.  I can see them all from my kitchen.
I have fun looking for pots with different designs on them.
I don't kid myself that my pots are stunning or anything but I like them!
They make me smile!

I just love the bright flowers.  
And there is just something appealing about pots of flowers.
Don't you love my new spade??  I needed one anyway and this is sooo ME!!

And I love my plant stands.  My daughter gave them to me.

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