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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Gardens of Rosedown Plantation

In the summer - blue Hydranga  are in bloom on either side behind the trees.  You can easily see the plants on the left.
The entrance to Rosedown Plantation as it would have been approached 165 years ago.
Unfortunately, October is not the time to go to see the flowers.  But there is much more to see than flowers at this plantation.

These are two of the many statues.  All of them are beautiful!  There are formal walkways throughout the grounds.

Cherub Fountain

Blooming Begonias

This fountain is along one of the garden walks. 

The entire garden is filled with Camellias that bloom in the winter.  And the smell of the Sweet Olive trees is beyond imagining!  The Sweet Olive was in bloom while we were there.

My sister sitting in one of the doorways of the Gazebo

see me standing beside the tree on the right
We took this picture to get a perspective of the hugeness of the oak trees.

Spanish Moss - up close

Spanish Moss hanging on the trees.  They used it in the construction of their houses and for stuffing mattresses, among other things.

More blooming flowers.

I love the gracefulness of this statue.

This picture was taken on the upstairs balcony, looking down the front entryway.

Taken from the upstairs balcony toward the side of the house.

Same view as above but closer.  Not surprising, there are roses planted here too but I don't think they have the variety they would have had 165 years ago.  Too much upkeep for a state owned park.

This is an amazing place to visit.  The home tour is wonderful too.  It is in St. Francisvill, Louisiana.


  1. The gardens and grounds are so pretty one does not need flowers. What marvelous statues and I love the Spanish moss hanging on the trees.
    Thanks for the tour.

  2. What a gorgeous plantation! Tt reminds me of one we visited one in Charleston 2 years ago. There was a ton of Spanish moss there too. Just lovely!


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