Heritage Rose growing in my Garden.

"Won't you come into my garden? I would like my roses to meet you!"

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Front Garden

I pulled things up and moved them last spring and haven't gotten them right yet.  Too neat for me!
My Front Garden.  I don't seem to take many pictures here although I have some pretty plants.  I spend most of my outside time  sitting on my back porch with Strider.   

I thinned out my Fairy Roses and have them spaced along the front.  Always blooming!

A bit of bright color.

Maggie Rose loves being in the front.

She's a beauty!

This was last spring when I planted her!

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  1. HI Jeannie. Oh, your Maggie rose is so pretty. I love your front garden with the roses.


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