Heritage Rose growing in my Garden.

"Won't you come into my garden? I would like my roses to meet you!"

Friday, July 8, 2011

My Tiny Shade Garden.

Well, it's not much of a Shade Garden.  I don't really have shade!

But I tuck a shade plant under bushes, wherever I can.

And maybe a bunny, too.  
I don't have real bunnies, thank goodness!

I have already shown you my Impatient flowers growing under my window, way back behind everything.


  1. Sweet garden...i love impatients, but seem to not have the best of luck when they are planted here at Fishtail Cottage. Hope to see you at the garden party "Cottage Flora Thursday's" this week! xoox, tracie

  2. Impatiens are great, aren't they? Yours look lovely with the little bunny there beside them.


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