Heritage Rose growing in my Garden.

"Won't you come into my garden? I would like my roses to meet you!"

Friday, August 26, 2011

Poor Abe!

Abraham Darby from David Austin.
This is one of the most beautiful Roses.

And part of the Beauty is the Smell. 
 So wonderful and always seems to find your nose!

Abe seems to have be having a difficult time in my garden this year.  More so than my other Roses.  More Black Spot, failure to thrive, etc.  I need to consider my part in this.  He lives at far corner and perhaps I don't water him as much?  Will need to give him a little extra TLC.

But always at least one bloom here and there make it all worth while to me.


  1. I think it is just the weather Jeannie. This has been the hardest year on my roses in the garden. Some have gotten black spot that should not have.Abe's blooms are still pretty.

  2. A most beautiful rose. All of you rose gardeners out there are inspiring me to make a list and plan of changing things up here by adding more roses.

  3. I have Abe in a far corner, too. Mine is young yet - I'm hoping as he grows, I'll be able to appreciate him more. As you say, he has one of the more beautiful blooms.

  4. What a beautiful rose!! With the humid weather it's easy for the black spot to get the roses. I try to plant ones that are resistant to it. Stop by my blog if you have time. I'm having a giveaway at Garden Of Daisies.

  5. I have a rose like this. It's my 'Double Delight.' It is always plagued with some kind of something. It needs a regular dose of TLC. But when it blooms, ooh, la, la. It's sheer bliss. Beautiful photos of Abe!

  6. Your poor Abe made me smile Jeanie. I have a couple of roses in my garden that aren't really hardy here, but I still keep trying to baby them along.
    I enjoy all of your garden pictures.

  7. In my garden, Abe had beautiful flowers but never grew into a nice bush. It is gone now. I hope yours fares better :)


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