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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Ritzy Rose Idea.

Well, I had Tea at the Ritz-Carlton this week! In New Orleans.
Very Nice.

And I loved the way they presented the flowers on the Tea Table.

They took a little round vase. Filled the bottom with little clear glass pebbles.  The kind you find at the Craft stores in bags. Filled it with water and stuck a pretty Rose inside the Vase.

The green strip you see around the jar is a piece of border grass or something like it.

I am in search of such a vase.  It was very effective on the Table.

The Courtyard in the Hotel was beautiful.  

I love Courtyards and New Orleans is famous for them!


  1. What a beautiful court yard Jeannie. That is a good idea to display a rose bloom. Very pretty.

  2. I agree - New Orleans is famous for their beautiful courtyard gardens. And what a beautiful one that is! What a great experience that must have been.

  3. My sister-in-law always says we should have tea there when I'm in town and we haven't gotten around to doing it. Maybe on my next visit.

  4. i love the simple elegance of that single
    rose with a stem wrapped around. so
    easy to created and beautiful to behold.

  5. Hi, Jeannie, I can't believe I haven't seen your blog before now. It's wonderful! My rose garden is in Ocala, FL so I think we must have a lot in common - both good and not so good. :)) I will be following it closely. I'm particularly interested in your two Maggies. I had Maggie when I first started my garden before I understood the nature of the long-caned Bourbons and took her out too soon before she had a chance to get established. I'm wondering now if I should try her again. Growing her on a trellis is not something I ever thought of, but for my small garden that might work well. I have to run out to our Rose Society meeting, but when I get back I will spend some time with your beautiful blog.

  6. How delightful - I can imagine myself sitting in that beautiful courtyard! Right before the last snow, I picked a bouquet of roses. I love the David Austin Roses - I wish I had more....Just 2, but even in my zone 4 garden they start to bloom early and are still there right before the first frost.


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