Heritage Rose growing in my Garden.

"Won't you come into my garden? I would like my roses to meet you!"

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fairy Rose on my Arbor

Fairy Rose as seen from my back window.
It is going into full bloom and it's lovely.
View from the yard.
Notice  the rose on the right side  is bushier.  That's because the Fairy Rose bush on the right is NOT a climber.  The Fairy Rose bush on the left is a climber.  And I need to attach some of the branches so it will grow upright.  It grows so fast.
The branches are coming off the main canes and are blooming profusely.
It grows with wild abandon so I am going to see if it evens out with time.  I mean it is only May!
Frog and Toad like the Fairy Rose.  They hide in it.
I cut them all the time.  There are so many flowers all summer that you hardly notice they're gone.  And they last forever in a vase!
Fairy Roses in an old Vase
This picture was taken last year in the cool of winter.  The flowers are darker when it's cool and the fade with the heat and sun.
I am being stern about keeping them trimmed at the bottom.  The thorns are so many that you can not weed  around the canes.  And  they make runners!  You should never have to buy this rose.  Just find someone who owns one.  It could be called The Rose Weed.  

I love this rose.
I love the name.  I guess the Fairies are safe in this rose because of the thorns!

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  1. Beautiful rose and I love the arbor and the fencing. Lovely shade of pink.

  2. HI Jeannie. That is so the right rose for your arbor. How dainty and pretty it looks one it. It must really grow fast. Does it bloom all summer for you?

  3. Yes it does grow fast. And it will bloom all summer and into the winter although not as profuse. But plenty to keep me in cut Fairy Rose flowers! I will do a Fairy update the end of June! Happy you all like it.

  4. Love your Rose arbor , how pretty! How nice that it blooms so profusely. Happy Gardening!!


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