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Monday, November 1, 2010

Blue Morning Glories!! Curiouser and curiouser!

This picture was take the middle of October. See how bright blue it is!!  I had an odd bloom now and then beginning in September.

I planted the Heavenly blue morning glory in May because I was afraid my Tuber Morning Glory had died in the harsh winter.

 (don't know it's real name but the flowers are as big as Heavenly blue)
My Tuber Morning Glory.  I love it as much as my Roses.  I have had it for about 8 years and it comes back each summer and blooms proficiently from June to the middle of October.  I have never seen it before or since I discovered it in a little nursery in the country - alas the nursery is gone.

This picture was taken today, November 1.  See how the blooms now have changed color a bit.  With stripes of purple?

And they are blooming Gangbusters!
My purple Tuber is done for the summer so it is perfect timing.  But simply accidental on my part!

They are following the sun as it moves in the sky.  AND they are in full bloom in the bright sun!!  What kind of Morning Glory does that??

The vines are shading me in the late afternoon sun as I like to sit and sew in my garden.
I have come to love the blue ones!!

But, help me here!!  I have never had a Morning Glory that did not close soon after the sun hit them.  And do you think the Purple Tuber can be rubbing off on the "Heavenly Blue" that I planted from seed?
AND why did they just start blooming in the middle of September to go into full swing in October.  I don't have the seed package now but I just picked it up at the store.  Any answers??


  1. I plant Heavenly Blue morning glories every year. They never start blooming for me until late summer or early fall. When the weather gets cooler, they start staying open nearly all day long. Another thing is that Heavenly Blues are sterile and will not produce seeds. You have to plant them every year because they won't re-seed. This is usually considered a good thing in morning glories. As for the color changes, that happens for me as well as the weather cools.

  2. Your morning glories are so pretty. I miss ours already. We have had a freeze here and all are gone.

  3. Davy, thanks for the information. I had no idea!! Now, I will plan on planting them. They're beautiful!!

  4. Hi Jeannie, You have a lovely blog and I am so happy to meet you. Love your morning glories and your shaded spot to sew looks heavenly!

  5. Beautiful Morning Glory flowers! I planted some seeds a while back and they are blooming now. So beautiful! They remind me of my grandmother. :) She used to have some along her fence. sigh. Thanks for sharing yours with us.


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