Heritage Rose growing in my Garden.

"Won't you come into my garden? I would like my roses to meet you!"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lantana in my Front Garden

I love the Lantana flower.

Here in Baton Rouge, it is more of a Shrub.  Some might call it a weed since it grows so well.

It lives on the very left side of my front Garden.  Right in front of the tall Rose against the brick wall.

Do you see it? 

Do you see the Butterfly?
They make sweet little Doll Posies.  And in fact are cute when cut and put in a little vase.  They don't last long though when cut!

The plants have cute names too...like "Bacon & Eggs" because of the different color combinations in one flower bunch.  Hmm, I don't remember what this one is called.

And Butterfly's love them.  

I need to put one in my back yard too.  The spring is getting away from me...!!

Have a happy day today in your Garden!


  1. Wow - my lantanas are so behind yours! They're just a small clump of green leaves so far. You're right - you can't keep the butterflies off of them!

  2. Lantana is one of my favorites! It's just started coming out here - no blooms yet.
    The rose you were asking about is New Dawn. It was a cutting from my daughter-in-law, who received it as a cutting from her mother, who dug it up in the wild when my daughter-in-law was a baby! She just recently discovered the real name of it.

  3. That is a very beautiful butterfly and your lantana is pretty too.

  4. I love that particular color of lantana best! I also have a bush of it, it grows well here too. I love your rose bed in front - it is so beautiful in full bloom.

  5. I have lantana, margurite daisys and blue salvia. Looks rather dull to me. What else would you suggest with this combination. It's in an annual garden.


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