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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Easter Lilly

Easter Lilly blooming in my Garden.
Despite Easter being so late this year... my Lilly did not bloom until after Easter.

But isn't the bloom perfect?

And I love the way the blooms escape my little fence, looking for more sun!

It lives inside my little garden in a corner.
I know an Easter Lilly isn't exciting for most of you gardeners.

In another month this section of my garden will look overgrown if I'm not careful!
But I am always so delighted to see my Easter Lilly bloom.  

It was a potted plant my daughter brought me on a Easter Day several years ago.  I planted it in a corner and waited for it to die, so I could throw it away. (I hate to get rid of any plants that are alive)  But, next year it grew and bloomed and thrived!!  To my happy amazement. 

My daughter insists that I have a green thumb.  Which isn't true.  It was luck that I happened to stick it in  the ground in just the place it wanted to be.


  1. So very nice to meet you and to visit your pretty blog. I love your flowers reaching thru the fence and that reminds me of seeing a cow stick its head through the fence to get different grass!

  2. Lovely post and a most exciting bloomer. Love the escape through the fence.

  3. Wow. Definitely worth the wait, they are just stunning! I would love an entire garden full of those...but with my luck they wouldn't bloom. :)

  4. Jeannie your lily is gorgeous. I love white lilies. They look so delicate and pure.I have one but it gets smaller each year.

  5. Very pretty! The Easter Lily is actually hard to get rid of... LOL The bulb they grow from looks quite a bit like a head of garlic and if you disturb it tiny little "toes" will break off. From each of these a new plant will grow. It usually takes two years before the new plant blooms. :-) I have tried to move mine many times and I am always surprised to have a new little Lily plant come up the next year from a little "toe" breaking off. Haha Have a wonderful day!

  6. Well, I love the idea of a bed of Easter Lillies!!


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