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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two Roses In One!!

You are looking at my pink Fairy Rose on my Trellis.
The pretty red Rose is from the same bush.
Strange, you say?

I think the red Rose must have been the root stock for the Fairy.  I really don't know much about this but I was always told to cut off anything that grows under the round ball that I believe is the crown.  I didn't notice the growth until it bloomed.

Yard side of the Trellis.
I really love having the red and the pink.
It's like 2 for 1!

Patio side of the trellis.
The Red Rose bloomed much earlier than the Fairy.
Close up of the Red Rose.

Pink Fairy Rose.

If any of you are Rose experts...I would like to know if it will hurt my Fairy Rose if I allow the Red Rose to grow.  And... what is the Red Rose stock?


  1. Jeannie, that is almost definitely the rootstock from below your Fairy graft. It is Dr. Huey, a once-blooming rose that is very commonly used as root stock. If you don't cut it off, it will probably take over and consume your whole plant gradually strangling off the nutrients that would have gone to The Fairy. Dr. Huey only blooms in the spring.

  2. Rats!! I don't want that to happen. So long rootstock! I love my Fairy Rose. Thanks for your information...I had a feeling, it couldn't be good.

  3. Hi Jeannie. The red is most likely Dr. Huey since many roses are grafted with it.It looks pretty together. One year the winter killed back about 4 of my roses and they all came back as Dr. Huey. I dug them up because they only bloomed once here and got mildew pretty badly. Maybe yours will do better in your climate.

  4. Davy is right - even though it is very pretty!!!! Tempting, I know. Rip off the Dr. Huey canes if you can, instead of cutting them, and you will have better luck at it not coming back.

  5. I agree with Davy Barr's comment. I don't know if you can rip them off, but you could dig there and find the place where the cane joins the root (should not be too far below the ground). Cut the cane flash with the root so it does not re-sprout. I will take over your pink rose eventually.

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  7. Hey there, I found you on Blotanical. You have a lovely set-up here, especially the trellis. Everything looks so lush and pretty! Officially following.


  8. You got lucky on that find - darling archway w/all the roses! I host a garden party on thursday's & would love to see you link up sometime! (or at least stop by to say hello) Happy (almost) Friday! xoox

  9. I have a rose bush that behaved just like this one. My sister had an outdoor wedding with gorgeous white potted roses as the floral arrangements. She gave them to the members of the wedding party as gifts. I planted mine and the very next year it came back just as red as yours! Not a single white rose. We have just let it do as it pleases and it gets more beautiful every year.


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